Custom Colour System


Custom Colours System is the new web app by MIPA that lets you customise any pattern and create your own layout.
Welcome to Custom Colours System by Mipa.
A web app you can use to customise any pattern from our collections to suit your needs and view in real time what colour combination you are happiest with.
We wanted to develop a perfectly versatile tool that could let you discover the real potentials of Mipa’s patterns.
Custom Colours System is a tool you can use either from your computer at home or from your tablet.

How does it work?


First, select a layout by clicking on the top left button.
Then, select a pattern or solid colour to fill each area of your layout.

To select a pattern or a solid colour, just click on the sensitive areas of your layout or on the buttons you will find in specific areas under your layout.
You can do the same any time you want to change the pattern.
If you want to change the layout, first save the previous one, because all operations will be lost.

While you colour the patterns, you can always monitor the final effect by looking at a preview of the layout on the column to your left.
Use the “preview” button to see an oversized version of the overall effect and, when you are perfectly happy with it, you can save the file, which you may freely use in your 3D renderings as well.


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